framed against the sky

framed against the sky is about getting new music into the nooks and crannies of Aberdeenshire and City. This project will see new music popping up in unexpected places to tickle your ears!

Have you ever wondered how a piece of music is created? You might just find yourself helping “outlandish” Irish composer Brian Irvine and Scottish “roofer by day, poet by night” Billy Letford to create an exciting new piece to be premièred at the launch of 2013 Sound Festival at Woodend Barn by Red Note Ensemble…and maybe you?

Framed Against the Sky is a collaborative project between Woodend Barn, sound festival and Red Note Ensemble which aims to introduce people to new music in Aberdeenshire and the City. Local communities will be given the opportunity to help Irish composer Brian Irvine and Scottish poet Billy Letford create a new piece of music which will be premièred at the launch of 2013 sound festival at Woodend Barn this October. The blog which will keep you up to date on all sounds, images and video from the project can be found by going to www.framedagainstthesky.com

Red Note Ensemble will be performing at various festivals, shows, and other locations throughout Aberdeenshire and City over the coming months in the lead up to the 2013 sound festival. Brian and Billy will be holding workshops in schools and open workshops during events. If you’ve taken part in one of these workshops and would like to sing in the final performance on Wednesday 23rd October at Woodend Barn, there will be a rehearsal on Sunday 20th October. To find out more, please contact the project coordinator – [framedagainstthesky@gmail.com].