Technical Specification


Theatre Lighting

3 x 6 way paradim
3 x 6 way Act 6 (NB: please check in advance if you need all 36 channels)

Light processor Zip 18 controller (http://www.lightprocessor.co.uk/downloads/LP-zip-desk-install-manual-rev2-1106.pdf) 18 channel controller that expands to 36, records cues to subs – very basic

6 x ETC Source 4 Junior Zoom 25/50
2 x Strand Prelude 28/40
8 x Selecon Acclaim Fresnel
5 x Strand Prelude Fresnel
4 x Strand Prelude PC
4 x Strand Nocturne Floods
12 x PAR 64 (C/W CP88 500w wide flood)
2 x Strand Brio Profile 18/30
2 x Strand Brio Profile 25/50
Various other floods and profiles

63 Amp three phase socket at rear of house, please note that as there is limited power to the site, this represents the limit of the power available to the hirer and power calculation must include whatever is connected to the house dimmers as well.
4 x 32 Amp single phase sockets at rear of house (three of these are used for paradim dimmers, and there is a spare).

Circuit Distribution
Currently all circuiting is arranged on semi-temporary wiring, there are bars slung below the cross-beams in the body of the hall, and various bars above the stage. Present arrangement includes c.18 circuits above stage, 12 circuits on No.1 FOH position, 8 circuits mid-hall, and 6 circuits at rear of hall. In addition there are a number of loose 15 amp cables and grelcos.

Theatre Sound
Allen and Heath GL2800/24 in control booth at rear of house, there is an option to play with the audience on the stage and performers on the floor, in which case there is a Mackie Onyx 1640 desk available for use.

House system is based around 4 x Martin F12’s and 2 x S18+, and four JBL RX112M wedge monitors. There are various other powered speakers available on site.

FOH control rack includes:
Tascam MD 301 mini disc player
BSS Opal 966 graphic on FOH
Yamaha graphics for monitors
TC Electronic M1 XL
2 x Alesis compressor/gates
Mics and DI’s:
5 x SM58
2 x SM57
3 x AKG CK91
3 x Audio Technika 8538
4 x Audio Technika Proline
1 x Audio Technika ATM 25
AKG Live tour drum mic set
2 x Sennheiser Handheld Radio mic
9 x Behringer Ultra DI 100 Active DI
2 x Nomad Active DI

Portable Sound
2 x Mackie SRM450 full-range powered speakers with stands
Mackie DFX12 Mixer
Yamaha MG124CX mixer (6 mono, 4 stereo inputs)
Mackie Onyx – 16 channels 

Video/Projection and AV
Denon DN-A7100 controller
Denon DN-V500BD blu-ray and DVD player installed in control box. System is currently configured for 5.1 sound using repatched theatre sound system, although stereo playback is equally possible
Panasonic PTDZ6700E projector with 1.8-2.4 lens mounted in auditorium
Sanyo PLC-XT16 projector with hanging bracket (3500 ansi lumens)
5m Major C perforated screen (4.9m x 2.1m projection area), screen is permanently mounted above stage
Fastfold Easi-Rect 144” x 83” (3.65m x 2.1m) portable screen
LG blu-ray/DVD player
Satellite – 2 x 1.2m dishes (IS 10-02 or 905), Fortec Star receiver

Boston Steinway Grand – NB: stored on stage and cannot be taken off
Upright Piano, on wheels, can be moved anywhere in building.

All public access areas are wheelchair accessible, stage is accessible via Gallery
There is an induction loop
Guide dogs are welcome

The Barn is 23.6m x 11.1m, there is a stage at one end, 11.1m x 5.3m deep, it is at a height of 0.88m above floor level.
The body of the hall has a sprung dance floor with harlequin grey flooring permanently fitted to it.
Floor to underside of cross-members is 3.50m
Roof is pitched, rising to 5.50m at apex

Up to 240 seats, arranged as required, there are many lite-deck type rostra, to make raked seating if needed. Café style with round (12 x 6’) or rectangular (14 x 6’) tables, max 150 seats, also possible.


Woodend Barn Plan

Woodend Barn Side & X Elevation (1)